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18/11 星期三

5:30PM - 7:00PM

Mander Portman Woodward (MPW) Sixth Form College

Mander Portman Woodward (MPW) Sixth Form College

類別 【網上面試及資訊日】私立預科書院
對象 中四或以上學生
地點 本中心
會考課程(GCSE) 高考課程(A-levels) 大學預備班
一年制、兩年制 一年制、兩年制 一年制

Mander Portman Woodward (MPW) Sixth Form College 是一所成立於 1973 年的私立預科書院,在倫敦(London)、伯明翰(Birmingham)及劍橋(Cambridge)設有分校,主要提供英國會考(GCSE)、高考課程(A-levels)及大學預備班(設三個課程選擇,學歷分別由 University of London、英國北部大學聯盟 NCUK 及 MPW 頒授)。除兩年制的常規高考課程外,亦設一年制高考課程(1-Year A-levels)及高考預備班(Pre-A-levels)。校內約 70% 學生為英國本土學生,每班學生人數更嚴格限制於九人或以下,科目選擇超過 40 個,能為學生提供良好的學習環境。公開考試方面,過去五年(2015-2019)在英國高考(A-levels)考獲 A*-B 的比例達 62% 至 75%。學校更自設出版社,就著各個大學科目的不同需要,出版個別科目指南及英國聯招(UCAS)手冊,適合即將升學大學的學生參考。

校內 70% 學生為英國學生:為何學生會在高中階段轉校到 MPW 讀書?

作為一所預科書院,在 MPW 讀書的以修讀高考課程(A-levels)的學生為主,而且他們都是在高中的不同階段裡決定轉校到 MPW 的!這些學生不少都來自區內名校,大部份會在完成英國會考(GSCE)後轉到 MPW 升讀高考課程,亦有學生會在修讀高考課程期間因為各種原因轉校。除此以外,亦有不少學生會在應考高考後,認為成績未能反映自己的能力,希望再次挑戰公開考試。

以下我們嘗試從學校網站刊載的學生分享中歸納出學生轉校至 MPW 讀書的原因,以及他們欣賞學校在教學和學習支援上的地方,為學生和家長提供參考:

學生 原校、轉校原因MPW 學習優點 修讀課程、公開考試成績、所升讀大學及學系
  • 原校:Latymer Upper School
  • 轉校原因及 MPW 學習優點:再次挑戰公開考試個人導師制度
  • 修讀課程:一年制高考課程
  • 高考成績:A*AAB
  • 升讀大學及學系:Mechanical Engineering & Business Finance, University College London (UCL)
  • 原校:St Mary’s Calne
  • 轉校原因及 MPW 學習優點:更自主學習模式小班教學個人導師制度
  • 修讀課程:一年制會考課程
  • 會考成績:9A*1A
  • 原校:Bradfield College
  • 轉校原因及 MPW 學習優點:再次挑戰公開考試個人導師制度
  • 修讀課程:一年制高考課程
  • 高考成績:AA
  • 升讀大學及學系:Biological Science, University of Surrey
  • 修讀課程:一年制高考課程
  • 高考成績:A*A*
  • 升讀大學及學系:History, University of Cambridge
  • 原校:City of London School for Girls
  • 轉校原因:未能適應原校生活
  • 修讀課程:一年制高考課程
  • 高考成績:A*AAA
  • 升讀大學及學系:Medicine, University of East Anglia
  • 轉校原因及 MPW 學習優點:再次挑戰公開考試小班教學個人導師制度定期小測
  • 修讀課程:一年制高考課程
  • 高考成績:A*A*A*
  • 升讀大學及學系:Mechanical Engineering, University College London (UCL)
  • 轉校原因及 MPW 學習優點:更自主學習模式小班教學個人導師制度
  • 修讀課程:一年制會考課程、高考課程
  • 高考成績:A*A*A*
  • 升讀大學及學系:Veterinary Medicine, Royal Veterinary College
  • MPW 學習優點:個人導師制度
  • 修讀課程:高考課程
  • 高考成績:A*A*A*A
  • 升讀大學及學系:Mathematics, University of Oxford
完整學生刊載於學校網站,歡迎按此查閱:MPW London (Carlos, Hatty, Alexia, Tallulah, Emily, Tiffany)MPW Cambridge (Thomas)MPW Birmingham (Jake)

一年制高考課程(1-Year A-levels)

如果學生有較高的升學目標,希望入讀頂尖學府(如牛津、劍橋、LSE)或高競爭科目(如醫科、精算、法律系等),一年制高考課程(1-Year A-levels)或者會是一個十分值得考慮的選擇——再次挑戰廣受認可的公開考試的機會。

早在學生與 MPW 進行入學諮詢的時候,招生組人員已經會著手了解學生的升學意向和目標,初步規劃一個學習計劃。這些建議包括高考科目選擇建議、工作和義工經驗的準備,以至大學入學面試訓練的安排和其他入學筆試的準備(如醫科入學筆試 UCAT 和 BMAT、法律系的 LNAT 等)。目的是讓學生了解到課程的挑戰性,因為要在短短一年時間應付原本為期兩年的高考課程絕不容易,學生需要有合適的準備,以便在九月開學之初已經可以投入密集的學習安排裡。開學後,學生則會在老師和個人導師(Personal Tutor)的指導和支援下學習,我們的學生 Ulysses 亦都高度評價他在 MPW Cambridge 的學習經驗!

Ulysses Chow

一年制高考課程@MPW Cambridge





MPW is ranked among the very top sixth form colleges in the A-Level results table with an extraordinarily high rate of 40% of candidates obtaining A*/A, according to the Telegraph. Being situated in Cambridge, a place widely pervaded by an academic atmosphere, MPW ought to be an ideal place for studying. These were my considerations when choosing a college: academic performance and location. And, that was why I chose MPW.

Indeed, MPW is not in vain that it bears the place in the table. I received high levels of holistic assistance covering my academic aspect as well as university guidance from the teachers. Joel, my personal tutor, did not only help me with my application but also voluntarily used his spare time to mark my extra homework as an experienced philosophy teacher. My class teachers, Toby, Nick and Neil, were all equally excellent explainers on the abstract concepts of philosophical arguments, mathematical formulae and economic problems respectively in spite of the limited time of the course, whose length was only a year for both AS and A2. Their enlightenments on me were not merely scholarly, they ameliorated my attitude towards studying, my logical and critical thinking, and most importantly, they befriended me not as teachers but socially experienced yet ordinary men, which is fundamental to students because to us, schools are not places wholly classified as homework factories, on the contrary, they are where we live, where we interact with and learn life experience from people.

The result day did not bring any disappointment to the teachers to whom I should thank and be grateful for. I eventually achieved A*AAA in my A-Level and am en route to study law at Cambridge, which drew a period, if not an exclamation mark, to my secondary education. I can conclude that my life at MPW was enjoyable and unforgettable that there was no regret or mournfulness that I chose MPW. It was a privilege and an honour having studied there.


  • 升學活動:Mander Portman Woodward (MPW) Sixth Form College
  • 日期:18/11(星期三)
  • 時間:5:30PM - 7:00PM
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