34269976 Boarding School Seminar


State College

Annual Tuition & Accommodation Cost HK$180K – 300K
Age 16+

State colleges are colleges funded by the Government of the UK, where tuition fees are far less expensive than that of independent colleges and boarding schools. State colleges are usually of a larger scale, with some thousands of students, allowing a more diversified offering of programmes and subjects. For academic programmes like GCE A-levels, some state colleges would offer more than 40 subjects, including those not so common ones such as accounting, photography, etc. For vocational programmes like National Diploma, you may find specific programmes on areas like veterinary nursing, animal care, horticulture and equine management!

State colleges are pragmatic and practical that resources go mainly to teaching and learning. Academic achievement therefore is rather satisfactory. Facilities are aimed to meet student’s basic education need. As for accommodation, host family is the major option while a small number of colleges do offer hall of residence, inside and outside campuses.

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