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Overseas Education Allowance (OEA)

The Overseas Education Allowance (OEA) assists civil servants in educating their children in the United Kingdom. Civil servants who were appointed before August 1, 1996 are eligible for the allowance.

An eligible officer can enjoy the allowance if the following criteria are fulfilled:

  • An officer may claim allowance from the beginning of the term in which his children reach the age of 9 up to the end of the term in which his children turn 19.
  • Eligible children must be receiving full-time education in the UK. The school they are attending must have been approved by the Government of Hong Kong.
  • An eligible officer may claim allowance for up to four dependent children at any one time, provided that he is not in receipt of similar benefits under his spouse’s terms of employment.
  • Boarding School Allowance

    An officer may claim the Boarding School Allowance for his children who are full-time boarders of UK boarding schools. The amount of allowance is as follow:

    Stage of Education Maximum Allowance per Year Maximum Allowance per Term
    Year 3 to Year 6 £6,450 £2,150
    Year 7 to 13 and University £7,437 £2,479

    Day School Allowance

    If the children are attending day schools and the parents are not in the country to look after the children, the officer may claim the Day School Allowance, where the maximum amount is £1,241.

    School Passage Allowance

    An eligible officer may also claim the School Passage Allowance. The amount of allowance is as follow:

    Age School Passage Allowance Grade Allowance (HK$)
    19 – 21 3 11,800
    12 – 19 2 23,600
    12 or below 3 17,700

    How to Apply

    Eligible officers are required to first pay for all boarding fee (or tuition fee for day schools), and later submit a claim to the relevant department for reimbursement. For more details, please kindly contact the Personnel department.

    Some schools offer a special OEA package for civil servant families eligible for the OEA. If you want to know more about it, please kindly fill in the following electronic form. Our education consultants will get back to you shortly.

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