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Why Study in the UK?

When it comes to overseas education, the UK is always among people’s first choices. Why is that? Tens of thousands of students choose to study in the UK every year. What are the advantages of the UK when compared to Australia, Canada and the US?

Learn English in an International Environment

Studying in the UK provides you with chances to meet classmates and teachers who come from different parts of the world, each with their own accents, cultures and stories. Not only will these ensure that students have the precious opportunity in speaking English but at the same time broadening their horizon and strengthening their communication skills.

International Networking

No matter you are studying in a boarding school, college or an university, it’s for sure a very valuable experience. The UK is an international education hub that has attracted some of the best students and teachers from around of the world. Studying in the UK provides students with the opportunities to build an international network that will benefit their career and everyday life.

Study in the World’s Best Institutions

The United Kingdom houses some of the world’s finest and most reputable education institutions, such as boarding school Harrow School and universities like Oxford, Cambridge and LSE. Competition is fierce and it takes years of effort to succeed. Experience tells that the earlier students start their study in the UK, the higher chance they possess in making to these institutions, because fluency in English and rich exposure to extracurricular activities are what these institution as seeking and such attributes are hard to nurture in Hong Kong!

Diversity of Academic Disciplines

Housing over one hundred universities, academic disciplines in the UK are so diverse that most students are able to choose to study the subject of their interest when they study in the UK. Subjects that are rare or sometimes not available in Hong Kong such as aerospace engineering, disaster management and museology have their own undergraduate and master’s degree programmes. With such diversity and vacancies, most students can study their desired subject, which in turn would increase their motivation of learning.

One-year Master’s Degrees

Having three terms in a year, most master’s degree programmes in the UK finish in a year’s time. With the provision of scholarship and bursaries in most institutions, it’s one of the most economical options for postgraduate studies. The combination of such benefit as well as the international reputation of research and teaching made the UK one of the most popular destinations when it comes to pursuing postgraduate education.

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