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Why Do You Need an Education Consultant?

Why do you need an education consultant?

Help Design Your Education Master Plan

Having spent countless hours looking into various academic pathways and programmes, we know them really well and can provide objective advices when you make life changing decisions of choosing schools and subjects. During consultation, education consultants will help students find their direction in education and further career, providing professional advices according to student’s aspiration, interest and ability. Thus establish the best possible education master plan.


Explain Cultural Difference

All of our education consultants have either studied, lived or worked in the UK. Some have done these all! They understand the situations and difficulties that students will soon face. They can share their own experience with students, help them make necessary psychological adjustment and have suitable expectation. In addition to that, we hold a series of Pre-Departure Seminars every summer to help students and parents prepare before students leave home for school.

Facilitate Communication between Student, Parents and Schools

Education consultants understand the requirement and expectation of school representatives well. They can help you better equip yourself before interviews. They can also help explaining your academic background and any cultural difference, which can further enhance the chance of successful application. We also provide translation for parents with difficulties communicating with school representatives.

Help Deal with Emergency

You will be guided by education consultants every step of the way, from applying to schools, student visa – until you graduate. If there is an emergency such as flight delays or sickness, we can help coordinate the School and the guardianship company to provide assistance to student who is in the UK. So that parents, we’re sure they will, but have less to worry!

Regular School Visits for First-hand Information

It’s likely that students and parents don’t have the chance to personally visit the schools they’re applying to. We therefore arrange regular visits to our represented schools, collecting first-hand information for you! During these visits, we pay extra attention to things that have great impacts on student’s boarding life. We’d often request to see the dorms, study rooms, teaching, sports facilities and even bathrooms! All of these are to make sure that students and parents are presented with unbiased information. As this is written, we have already visited about half of our represented schools and institutions.

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