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UK Study Tour 2017 (Summer, Easter & Christmas Holiday)

During Summer, Easter and Christmas holiday, many parents would look for study tours and overseas learning activities for their children, to make good use of the holiday break. Spending a few weeks in a foreign country is a great way to learn about its culture, people and education environment and an effective way to improve your English! So we’ve handpick three courses from Bell English which we think are fantastic options for students of different ages and learning expectations. Under each of them we have indicated course components of lessons and activities, so that parents can easily locate the one with the right balance of class and play!

Type Short Courses
Target Students aged 7-17
Tuition & Accommodation Cost Approx. HK$17,500 for 2 weeks, HK$35,000 for 4 weeks


A Combination of English Lessons, Activities and Study Tours

Target Course Dates (Course Length) Locations Certificates & Qualifications
Students aged 12-17 June to August (1-12 weeks) Bell St Albans
Bloxham School
The Leys School
Wellington College
✔ End-of-course certificate.
✔ The option to take a public English exam.
Students aged 7-11 June to August (1-8 weeks) Bell St Albans
Bloxham School
✔ End-of-course certificate.

Combined with English lessons, activities and study tours, English Explorer has become many parents’ and students’ favourites. The most popular two-week course includes 30 hours of English lessons, 3 days of study tours and as many as 45 hours of activities.

In the Electives section, students can choose from the activities listed below and do a ‘mix & match’ of their favourite ones. Some of these activities are a rarity to students from Hong Kong – so do look at British School Games, British Sport and Art in Cambridge as well as Golf and Horse-Riding!

英國遊學活動:射箭 Archery
Improve sketching, drawing and painting skills within the beautiful setting of Cambridge. Learn a bit about art history. Expand specialist art and design vocabulary!
英國遊學活動:籃球 Basketball
Experience British school culture through some active sports! Learn to play a wide variety of classic British school games from quick cricket to rounders and more!
Learn to play a selection of British sports such as cricket, tag rugby, badminton and hockey.
英國遊學活動:烹飪 Cookery
英國遊學活動:創意寫作 Creative Writing
英國遊學活動:舞蹈 Dance
英國遊學活動:戲劇 Drama
英國遊學活動:足球 Football
英國遊學活動:足球 Football
英國遊學活動:高爾夫球 Golf
英國遊學活動:高爾夫球 Golf
This elective will occupy the whole 18 hours of the Electives section. It includes 6 hours of tuition by a golf professional at the Berkshire Golf Club, with video analysis to help improving swing techniques. The remainder of the elective will be spent practicing and playing on the golf course at Wellington College with supervision and advice from a coach. Extra charges apply.
英國遊學活動:體能 Fitness
英國遊學活動:騎馬 Horse Riding
Horse-Riding takes place at Wellington College’s accredited equestrian centre. Students will develop horse-riding skills such as walking, trotting and cantering, and display what they have learned at a final ‘tack & turnout’ show. This activity also covers stable management and the care of horses, and will take up the whole 18 hours of Electives section. Extra charges apply.
英國遊學活動:新聞製作 Journalism
英國遊學活動:騎馬 Horse Riding
英國遊學活動:Performing Arts
英國遊學活動:新聞製作 Journalism
Students will learn how to play a range of water games such as water polo and pool volleyball. It will also develop students’ swimming technique across a range of strokes.
英國遊學活動:匯報及辯論 Debating
英國遊學活動:網球 Tennis
英國遊學活動:排球 Volleyball


Study Tours in October, January, February and April

Target Course Dates (Course Length) Locations Certificates & Qualifications
Students aged 11-17 October (1 to 3 weeks)
January and February (1 to 6 weeks)
April (1 to 4 weeks)
Bell St Albans ✔ End-of-course certificate.

The Autumn, Winter and Spring Explorer are study tour options in October, January, February and April. Like the English Explorer in Summer, students can choose from a range of elective activities and do a ‘mix & match’ of their favourite ones. Both Autumn and Winter Explorer offer some really exciting study tour arrangements. These include a London study tour with a ride on the London Eye in the first week of the Autumn Explorer, and a visit to ‘The Making of Harry Potter’ studios at the Warner Bros Studio Tour in London in the first week in Winter Explorer! If students are joining the third and fourth week of the Winter Explorer, they will also spend three days in the historic city of Edinburgh!


Be Well-Prepared at the Start of your UK Boarding School Life

Target Course Dates (Course Length) Locations Certificates & Qualifications
Students aged 12-17 July and August (2 or 4 weeks) Bloxham School ✔ End-of-course certificate.
✔ The option to take a public English exam.

Intensive Academic English is the perfect course for students who are about to attend UK boarding schools in the coming September. Based in Bloxham School, the Intensive Academic English courses help students make early adaptation to traditional boarding life and environment. The course aims to develop students’ vocabulary and grammar, as well as improve reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. It also offers skill training sessions for IELTS exams.


Nurturing Curious, Enthusiastic & Promising Scholars

Target Course Dates (Course Length) Locations Certificates & Qualifications
Students aged 14-17 July and August (2 weeks) The Leys School ✔ End-of-course certificate.
✔ The option to take a public English exam.

Young Cambridge Scholars offers the longest lesson hours among these three courses, and is the right course for students looking for a chanlleging curriculum to help prepare for public exams and university learning. The 54 hours of lessons in 2 weeks includes 32 hours of tuition of Mathematics, English Literature, Science and Art & Design, 10 hours of academic skills and 12 hours of lecture programmes delivered by speakers from University of Cambridge. Apart from classic Cambridge subjects from physics to philosophy, previous lectures have explored new perspectives on topics such as obesity, genetics, neuroscience and ontology. One of the lectures will focus on the qualities students need to become a University of Cambridge student.

Study Tours

All three courses include days of study tours. Students from all over the world will visit popular destionations of cultural tourism in the South of England, under the supervision of Bell English staff.






Courses take place at the campuses below, which include three traditional boarding schools and the Bell St Alban English learning campus in London suburbs, which is under direct management of Bell English.

Bell St Albans

Housed in a Grade II listed building in London suburbs, the 60-acre campus is located next to the training field of Arsenal Football Club and an hour from Central London. Being directly managed by Bell English means that it can offer year-round English courses and study tours that come with greater flexibility in terms of course length and dates that can better suits students’ holiday arrangements.

Bloxham School

A classic British boarding school with a 60-acre campus next to the university city of Oxford provides superb traditional boarding experience for students. With its excellent sports facilities, including sports complex, indoor swimming pool, climbing wall, tennis court and AstroTurfs, the school offers a wide range of sports activities to students.

The Leys School

Located in the city centre of Cambridge, the Leys is a top girls’ boarding school (boys are welcome for summer), and is adjacent to University of Cambridge. Renowned for its music education, the Leys Music School was opened by British conductor and cellist Julian Lloyd Webber, who remains the Music patron of the Leys. Summer students benefit from the Leys School’s outstanding music and drama facilities, such as theatres and practice rooms.

Wellington College

A top boarding school established by Queen Victoria in 1859, Wellington College is one of the most selective schools in the UK and has been ranked top 50 for the past few years. High standards of school environments and facilities offers golf, horse riding and other exceptional activities. Sports facilities include indoor swimming pool, tennis courts and golf courses.

Airport Pickup Services

For safety reason, Bell English provides airport transfer service for every child. Students are picked up by its staff at the arrival hall on the first day and dropped off at check-in counters in the last day. Parents do not have to worry about transport issues between airport and schools.

Course Provider: Bell English

Bell English is an English school with over 60 years of history. It became a British Council-accreditted English school over 30 years ago. In a recent inspection report (2015), Bell English’s commitment to quality was once again recognized by the outstanding rating for teaching quality in the ISI inspection report.

As Bell English expands, it has added A-levels and University Foundation programmes to its course portfolio. Its University Foundation programmes is special in that it has academic staff from University of Essex as external examiners, to make sure its quality is always up to standards.

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