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UK University Ranking 2012

The UK university ranking published annually by Times is one of the prime references of many students and parents. It takes a wide range of criteria into account such as student satisfaction, research quality, entry standards, Student:Staff ratio, graduate prospects, etc.

This year, there is no great change within the top ten of the UK university ranking table. Oxford, Cambridge and LSE remain top three respectively. A closer look, however, will bring you the emerging ones such as Huddersfield, Sussex and Coventry which have all made great leaps in ranking.

Ranking University
1 Oxford
2 Cambridge
3 London School of Economics (LSE)
4 Imperial College
5 University College London (UCL)
6 Durham
6 St Andrews
8 Warwick
9 Lancaster
10 Exeter
11 York
12 Bath
13 Bristol
14 Sussex
15 Edinburgh
16 Nottingham
17 Sheffield
17 Leicester
19 Southampton
20 Loughborough
Ranking University
21 Buckingham
22 Glasgow
23 SOAS.
24 King’s
25 Newcastle.
26 Birmingham
27 East Anglia
28 Royal Holloway
29 Surrey
30 Leeds
31 Liverpool
32 Manchester
33 Reading
34 Strathclyde
35 Cardiff
36 Aston
37 Queen Mary
38 Queen’s, Belfast.
39 Kent
40 Dundee.

The importance of subject ranking

Students and parents should be aware that as the UK University Ranking takes all disciplines into account, it might not represent a university’s strength in specific disciplines. Meaning that, even a university has a leading position in a discipline, it still might not excel in the overall ranking table.

Therefore, if you have already chosen a specific discipline to focus on, subject rankings will be a more credible reference. This is especially true in new disciplines such as hotel management, as many universities that excel in the field, are from the lower spectrum of the overall ranking. These are a few examples of them:

Accounting & Finance
#1: Warwick
#2: Lancaster
#3: Bath
#1: Cambridge
#2: Bath
#3: Sheffield
Business Studies
#1: Oxford
#2: Cambridge
#3: Warwick
Civil Engineering
#1: Cambridge
#2: Imperial
#3: Bath
#1: Surrey
#2: Stirling
#3: Central Lancashire
#1: Cambridge
#2: Edinburgh
#3: East Anglia
Accounting & Finance

Aeronautical & Manufacturing


Art & Design

Business Studies

Chemical Engineering

Communication & Media

Computer Sciences


Electrical & Electronic Engineering

General Engineering



Mechanic Engineering




Geography & Environmental Sciences



Sports Science

Social Work

Veterinary Medicine

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Updated: 2012-2-16

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